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Campground Rules

Reservations will not be honored without an arena ticket for each camper.

  • All bags and backpacks will be subject to inspection upon entry to festival grounds.
  • Except for service animals, No pets are allowed.
  • Video cameras are not allowed at the NWBF. Individuals violating this policy can be removed from the NWBF.
  • Non-licensed vehicles are not allowed on the Festival grounds such as; golf carts, dirt bikes, ATV’s, mopeds, go-carts or any other off-road motorized vehicle. No drones or other flying products are allowed at the NWBF Festival. First Offense: If these items are found on the Festival grounds, we will ask you to put them away. Second Offense: We will confiscate the item and you can pick it up when you leave the Festival.   
  • Tailgating in the parking lot is not allowed.
  • Open ground fires or bonfires are not allowed.
  • Tiki torches shall not be used on the Festival grounds.
  • Fireworks are illegal on the campgrounds. Anything that flies or explodes is considered a firework
  • Nudity is not allowed on the festival grounds.
  • Due to the limited number of campsites, we require a minimum of (2) two day tickets purchased with each campsite reservation.
  • If your camping unit and car does not fit within your specified campsite, you must purchase another campsite.
  • No generators will be allowed on the campgrounds do to safety reasons. 
  • All vehicles and campers shall be removed by Sunday at noon.
  • All vehicles parking at the NWBF must purchase a parking ticket and have it shown on the dashboard.
  • No individual is allowed to sleep overnight in a vehicle in the parking lot outside of the campgrounds.
  • All individuals must have a valid camping access wristband and concert wristband to be allowed in the campgrounds. Individuals that can not show a valid wristband shall be removed or must purchase a camping access wristband and concert wristband to stay on the campgrounds.
  • Individuals must have a valid wristband to be on the Festival grounds. If you do not have a valid wristband you will be considered trespassing and removed from the grounds by NWBF Security and can be charged with a fine. 
  • Wristbands altered in any manner will be considered INVALID and will not be replaced. Individuals trying to enter the grounds with an altered wristband can be issued a trespassing fine and will be escorted off the Festival grounds.
  • At no time may the noise at a campsite create a disturbance or interfere in any manner with other people's enjoyment of the park.  
  • Campgrounds shall cease any noisy activity from 2:30 AM to 7:00 AM. Please be polite to your fellow campers.
  • Anyone found bring a weapon of any kind on the Festival grounds will be immediately removed by Security.
  • Individuals that violate NWBF or state regulations will have their wristband confiscated and will be removed from the Festival grounds with no refunds. Individuals that are found to violate NWBF or state regulations can be issued a fine.
  • No individual is allowed to sell any item on the Festival grounds without a valid permit issued by NWBF.
  • No beverages are allowed outside the camping area unless purchased from festival vendors.
  • No sales of alcoholic beverages, sale of any products or other soliciting is allowed.
  • No party is allowed to sell, promote, give away or solicit any items or property that bears the name(s) or logo(s) of the Festival and/or the entertainers.
  • The Festival reserves the right to confiscate ALL contraband items.
  • All individuals entering the festival grounds do so at their own risk. No liability is assumed by owners, officers, agents, employees, volunteers, promoters, sponsors or any other individuals or entities associated with the event.
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